Youtube – Why Do You Need to Have an ID With YouTube?

It is really quite exciting to be able to talk about the positives of such an extensively important website. youtube, one of the largest viewed website today has actually opened up a completely new world for you. From videos to songs to the best of television episodes, you get to watch anything and everything under the sun in this one place. Moreover, the again to be speaking very practically this website has all it contents free. While on the one hand, you can extensively visit the site whenever you want. However, only a registered member can enjoy a few added benefits. Let us explore the benefits and realize why actually you need an account.

The first benefit of having an account

Perhaps the most important and in fact the primary reason for your having a YouTube account is that it comes free. When it comes to having an account in such an active website that is all free, what else can possibly stop you? Just a normal sign up form is all you need to fill up when you are planning to open up an account. What YouTube wants from you is your little bit of personal details including your name, date of birth etc. you will have to provide a username and password that will help you to log in to the website each time.

The second benefit of having an account

YouTube is like a video forum, browse and search for videos after you have successfully logged in. then just keep watching videos and rating them and even at times leaving comments wherever you feel like. Leave alone that you will easily be able to add them to your favorites to keep getting updates on similar videos or the one from the same person. Also at the same time, you will know which videos have more ratings and demand making it easier for you to understand the current trend. This will let the other fellow users understand the trend as well.

The third benefit of having an account

The last but not least reason why actually you need a YouTube account is getting to upload videos of your own on the same platform. It can just be a simple video of your newborn, or video of some off beat incident you witnessed. You can easily record and upload anything of your choice once you have registered with an account on YouTube. This is one such facility that you will never be able to enjoy free in any other way. Then there are no limits to what you actually upload and with what you shoot. You can easily do it from a very personal level using mobile or webcam or even do it in a professional way as well.

The most exciting thing is from the past to the present, the serious videos to the light comedy ones. You can enjoy and upload anything and everything using this site. From music to entertainment, personal documentary to full-length films, anything can be uploaded and watched in this site. Moreover, all for free. Watch the best quality trailers to features to the episodes of your favorite television soaps at one go and even comment in the easiest way with your registered account.

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