Xbmc – Best AVOV Android TV Set Top Box

Okay, so you have bought a high end TV to adorn your living room and show it off as a pricey asset to whoever visits your home. But is that the sole purpose of spending heaps of money on your TV? Don’t you also want to enjoy watching a good number of shows with an unbelievable high-definition picture quality and an amazing sound clarity that gives you a home-theater kind of experience? Won’t you like to stream your favorite TV shows whenever you are out for work? And how nice it will be if you get some thousands of apps for free download? Well, if you were searching for one such device which could bring you all these, at a much affordable price, then here is the aVoV VIXO1 – Android TV set top box for you.

While there are so many HD streaming devices flooded in the market, it is quite common for anyone to get mislead in making a choice. Well, it is important to have a good understanding on the various devices available, especially you need to figure out the pros and cons of going for an Android based box over xbmc TV box. AVOV is the only company which has come up with an IPTV service that has been exclusively designed for Android and this article will give you an insight on why you should go for it rather than any other XBMC TV box in the market.
Firstly, let us understand that the media players based on XBMC framework are basically designed to work with XBOX, a Microsoft’s gaming console. Though it is actually designed to suit the windows system, the increasing popularity and versatility of the Android made the developers to find a smart way that they have now jail-broken it to make it work with the Android. Unfortunately, the cost of it is a good number of bugs, with which the researchers are still scratching their head to fix it. And there comes aVoV Android based IPTV for the rescue. It’s cloud based streaming, open source Micky Hop technology are some of the unique features which makes it stand out and much ahead of some of the renowned brands like Apple TV and Fire TV. All that you need is an internet connection, and you are ready to enjoy tons of TV channels just with the click of your remote. Yes, aVoV gives you tons of free apps in different categories which is sure to keep everyone at your home satisfied. You can now play games, watch movies, stay updated with the global news, and what not? In addition, there is a huge memory space which is enough to store everything that you wish to record for watching later. It also works pretty well with all types of internet connection like broadband, Wi-Fi or Ethernet with absolutely no issues. To put it simply, it has got everything that most of the HD streaming devices were lacking.
For all the advantages, don’t you think it is the high time to replace XBMC for a more versatile Android TV box? Hurry up now and order your brand new aVoV VIXO1 IPTV right away and enjoy the future of live streaming.

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