Tottenham Hotspur Vs Manchester City – Are Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur a threat?

Of course they are & with the crazy season we are having i wouldn't count them out of winning it.

yeah they are a BIG threat
u forgot to mention man utd …!! how can u say that man utd are sure to win it
Such a biased question

and u forgot liverpool
and chelsea wont be fighting to FINISH TOP 4 !
they will be fighting for top place
get ur facts right


Arsenal are garuntee'd champions league football next season just like every season.

I think they both might over take Chelsea

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Tottenham are a good bet for third or fourth, but you'll see City drop off again

i think they maybe but it depends on arsenal

Definitely. No question about it dude 🙂

Yeah, for now.

For sure they ae. they are right up their bums.


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