Premiership Football On The Internet – free premiership football over the internet?

you can watch free premiership games over the internet. english football, spanish football, champion league, etc. i do it all the time.
go here:
read the instructions,
happy viewing!

If there was free Premiership Football On The Internet who would pay for it? You can't get it free.

There are a few sites you can visit for free live text updates: (click on the match & then click Gamecast – shows u an interesting graphic of the field with positions the goals/shots have been taken from so far)

BBC Football –… (only live scores – no text updates)

The nearest you can get I think is on Sky at You do need to a subscriber to Sky Sports 1 and 2 and it is highlights rather the whole game, but it is at no extra cost to your subscrpition if you have one.

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