Offside Rule – Rules of Soccer – Offside Rule in Soccer

In a game of soccer, you might have come across the point where a whistle was blown and a player stopped from performing his action. This is because he was on the offside. You might wonder, what is this Offside Rule in soccer?

Well, offside is a point in the field where a player becomes too close to the opponent’s goal line. In fact, the player in the defender’s half of the field and comes much close to the goals line that the ball and the second last opponent. The purpose of the offside rule in soccer is to prevent a attacking from pushing forward because of certain factors. The offside rule applies in three different ways which are offside position, offside offense and offside sanction.

In order to a player to be determined on the offside, there must one defender and the goalkeeper, between the player and the goalpost. The ball comes to the player from the front and in a position which is not suitable. The player’s position in the field is over the half line mark in the field.

In addition to these points, there are two other points which apply. These are that the player must be in a position that is interfering with the action of the opponent or the game or that he is using the position of being on the offside to his advantage in the game. This part about offside is also called Offside Offense. When an Offside Offense happens, an Offside Sanction takes place. This is actually a penalty for the offense which is to be given in the form of an indirect free kick from the place where the offense happened.

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