Norwich City Tickets – Hotels in Norwich City-Centre

Hotels near the city center of Norwich are the most popular accommodations among tourists visiting this area of historic England. At one point in time, the city was the second largest in all of England, second only to London. Most of this was due to the extensive trading that occurred in the downtown area, and this tradition has been carried on through the centuries to make Norwich one of the most popular shopping destinations in England today.

In this location you will find hotels such as The Premier Inn, The Maids Head Hotel, The St. Giles House Hotel, The Best Western Annesley House, The Georgian House, and the Holiday Inn Norwich City, which all offer easy access to Norwich’s downtown area and famous open air market.

Other attractions abound nearby such as Norwich Cathedral and over 30 churches that date back for centuries and centuries. The food ranges from old style English cuisine to new style trends which blend a little of the old style with some added twists. Many of these restaurants are located in the hotels and accommodations themselves, adding to the allure of staying in the heart of the city.

Due to the high volume of hotels in the downtown area of Norwich, competitive prices abound and value packages are available for most large groups or romantic couples looking to get away for the weekend. One of the greatest advantages in staying in the city center area of Norwich is the access to the many theatres in the area, all of which possess their own style of plays and size of venus. If you are looking to experience all that Norwich has to offer in a certain amount of time, the city centre is where you want to stay.

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