Norwich City Away Jersey – Chelsea Vs Norwich City: Match Report

As the world of football would have it, like every other sport, it’s a win, lose or share the point thing, when ever two teams look horns, and today it was not different as we saw an avid Chelsea side walloping an apparently frail Norwich City 4-1 albeit the latter taking the lead.

The bridge once again is fast becoming a fortress for the blues who has won 6 of their 7 premiership games; a feat which is one of the best premierships starts in the history of the League.

Norwich City took the lead at the bridge as Peter Cech watch helplessly, as Grant Holt shot zoomed home but the victory was short lived as the home side responded quickly with a header from Fernando Torres “who had missed a clear chance to put the home side ahead just 3 minutes into play” to level things up. Frank Lampard would next register his name in the score line with a 15 yard shoot. The England veteran has now increased his goal tally to 189 as feat that has made him both world highest scoring mid-fielder. Eden Hazard made things more hazardous for the visitors as he neatly placed a through ball from Juan Mata home. “The latter, who did everything except scoring today; had made a fine run from his own half before picking Eden Hazard.

The second half resumed with the visitors trailing one goal to three. The chase increasingly seemed to be one of a life time with the home side stealing all the show as Norwich City was forced to defend in other to reduce the shame. The Hazard, Mata and Oscar combo was proving too dangerous for the frail defence of the visitors. Finally in the 75th minute, the defence could no longer hold as Ivanovic’s volley found the back of the net to wrap up the score-line.
In the end Norwich City, was left searching for their first win in the premiership and the blues were able to put aside their off pitch problems and attend to more pressing matters. Roberto Di Matteo has however said that Ashley Cole would face disciplinary committee at Chelsea following his senseless tirade on tweeter.

Well I’d say, it was a good result for the blues albeit poor officiating from the referee; a grit which obviously has gone unnoticed as the blues were denied three penalties; but had the blues come away from this match with a point, the referee would have been hanged, “I mean this literally any way” as the blues can “proudly” boast of a host of undisciplined players and fans alike. Doubt me? Ashley Cole’s recent tweet proves me right but if you want more just check the tweets from the fans after Juventus, Champions League match. To crown it all Norwich obviously did not find what they came searching for, at the Bridge and would have to continue their search elsewhere. So from Lawrence Eagles, its better luck finding it elsewhere, next time…

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