Newcastle Utd Vs Ipswich – Which Football Club Has The Biggest Local Catchment Area In England?

It is a bit of a difficult question. Much depends on population density, and how would consider themselves to be local to a football club.

The most isolated football club is probably Norwich City. But would somebody from Bury St. Edmonds consider Norwich City to be their local club?

Another way of looking at it; The only league team west of Wolves is Shrewsbury Town. But would anyone from Ludlow consider either Shrewsbury Town or Wolves to be their local team?

Therefore I'd say that Newcastle United have the biggest catchment area, in terms of local population. Or population that would consider the club to be local.

Norwich or Ipswich, no football teams for 40 miles around. Or Leicester City have a big catchment area (ie the whole of Leicestershire) Hull is close to Leeds (as is Bradford) and the North East so not that bigger area.

Carlisle, Yeovil, Norwich,

Grudgingly guy United yet have the main biased,boastful and naive followers going.Can in no way verify out the different team has something to grant.Loyalty is extensive yet stupidity is what it says.

im not sure but i know Liverpool are the most supported club in europe..

ohh local people, probably the teams you named, Newcastle,Liverpool,Leeds to name a few

tough one…

id say newcastle as they do have quite a big fan base and there's not much competition for local teams there (there is Sunderland but that's a separate city)

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