Manchester City – Why do Man City fans not support Man Utd?

Manchester City FC was set up by the Manchester City Council in 1894 when Ardwick FC went bust. They wanted a football club to compete in the FA Cup and the newly formed national English league as the representative of Manchester and all Mancunians.

Manchester City FC as a result became heavily involved with the local community and have been for over 100 years. City won Manchester it's first trophies in the Second Division title and FA Cup and would have won many many more if it wasn't for the FA issuing a banning order on dozens of players, managers and boardroom staff, effectively killing the club.

In fact, many of United's earlier trophies, including their first League title, was won by the Manchester CITY players who joined United from City after the banning order as they wanted to stay close to the city itself, including Manchester City Legend Billy Meredith.

Manchester United don't play in Manchester, they play in an area outside the city known as the Borough of Trafford. They used Manchester as a way of gaining recognition due to City's earlier successes. People also forget that travel was nowhere near as proficient as it is today. North, East and South Manchester supported City, the West of Manchester supported United.

From 1920-1950 Manchester City were known by the press as simply 'Manchester FC'
and were the bigger and more popular of the two clubs.
United went 39 years before winning another trophy, City in that time won the League and FA Cup, plus multiple Wartime trophies.

So whereas United fans say their 39 barren spell was caused by two world wars, City can also claim our chances of successes were hindered due to the wars suspending the FA Cup and League, competitions they were more than capable of winning due to the prolific Peter Docherty, who many claim was better than Colin Bell.

The Busby Babes and Old Trafford rebuild after WWII closed the gap considerably and during the 50's and 60's City and United were level pegging. United fell away during the 70's while City continued to compete for titles and trophies with varied levels of successes. It was during the 90's that City crumbled and United went from strength to strength.

It's pure ignorance and snobbery for football fans to suggest that Manchester City has always been this smaller cousin of Man Utd. Maine Road used to hold 80,000 people and regularly sold out 100 years ago. Manchester City's popularity in the area hasn't waivered despite the current 34 year barren spell, but City have only been a 'poor side' since the mid 1990's.

United supporters were VERY quiet until they won their first title for 26 years in 1993. So to think supporting City is weird because United are close by is another example of football ignorance and snobbery. City's fanbase is huge, mostly stemming from the popularity of the great sides of the 50's and 60's and the colourful characters we've had here. Being Mancunian does not mean supporting United. City aren't just a football team, they have funded hundreds of projects and without City's financial input and support the Commonwealth Games of 2002 wouldn't have happened.

It's the club of the common working class Mancunian, always has been, always will. The true question should read, if you class yourself as a TRUE Mancunian, why do you support United, a club with very few connections to the city, instead of Manchester City, a club set up by the council for Mancunians like yourself?

Why should they? City is the local club, whilst United was created for foreigners.

Anyway seriously, religion here has little relevance in terms of choice of support. Which is a good thing, I can't for the life of me, figure out how religion and soccer mix, except of course if you support my club, Forest. Then you'll need to be very religious and pray for some form of success, or avoidance of disaster.

In cases where there are 2 clubs in 1 city, the choice is usually made by following the father's (sometimes mother's) or brother's choice. In other cases, it's depends on whom your earliest childhood friends preferred.
Still, there are some who follow a club because they liked their style or players, when they got initially hooked to football.

Finally as always, there will be some who support a club primarily because they are successful, which will answer your question, on why United have many fans away from Manchester.
But they aren't the exception, you'll find a good number now supporting Chelsea, Arsenal and to a certain extent Liverpool, for the same reasons.

So good onya for supporting your local club, QotS. Although it doesn't mean that each and every fan should only and always support their home town club. They can support another, if they are genuinely attracted to the team's style, history, culture, players and managers.
However once chosen, they like us, must always support only this club.

As for glamour, I figure small home town teams will struggle to compete with the big boys, not just because of their success, but the manner big clubs market and sell themselves. That is 1 reason United attract so many fans away from Manchester. They were the first, during Rupert Murdoch's SkyTv era, to launch themselves publicly with merchandising and a football theme concept at the club.
A good advertising campaign, public listing and using TV money to boost the squad's personnel, coupled with their success on the field, made them a glamour name, not just in Britain, but globally as well.

Having been the pioneers, they had a great head-start in winning new fans. Only later did clubs like Liverpool, Arsenal, Newcastle, Chelsea etc start to follow their model

Whatever it is, I still think it'll will be better if you and all fans just support Nottingham Forest. The club has a good history, is based in a historical city, is a household name, tries to play passing football and is kitted in Red, which is a very nice colour and matches perfectly with white shorts.

Your time as a Forest fan will never be boring. You'll be filled with the excitement and drama of promotions and relegation battles, with the occasional trophy every 2 decades or so.
Finally, supporting Forest will not only bring a lifetime of joy, it'll almost certainly ensure you'll get to heaven when your time's up. You'll always find time to pray for the club's plight, and such prayers will surely put you in the Lord's good books, ensuring you'll get a permanent subscription to watch them from heaven.

Now tell me how many clubs can boast of this?


I support Everton and I wouldnt shed a tear if Liverpool FC folded tomorrow,in fact,I'd be overjoyed.
I dislike them because neither the club,or the fans have ever apologised for the European ban in the mid 80's.It affected Everton more than any other club.
They have always believed that they have some God-given right to win everything and be treated as a special case.
After decades of listening to their squealing I totally despise them and hope they win f**k-all in the future.

I don't think a fan would support 2 teams in 1 country.

I support Liverpool and Barcelona, for instance. I hate United and Everton.

It's because they're sheep… they ''support'' a club like Man U then decide to hate man city because all the other ''fans'' do…. they don't have a reason just idiots, same with Liverpool/Everton, Arsenal/Tottenham, Cardiff/Swansea…. I'm a RM fan but don't hate Atleti and I'm quite fond of Getafe as they have a lot of our past players/youth….

A true fan from Manchester should prefer Man City winning the league over other teams, same with people from Liverpool preferring Everton, but most of their fans are not from those places so mindless sheep…

City fans support City because they come from Manchester. United fans come from Essex

I've always been told that real Mancunians support Man City.

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