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Soccer Boot – Soccer Cleats. Is there a difference?

Soccer footwear is referred to by many names. Soccer cleats, soccer shoes, and soccer boots come to mind. However, soccer shoes are geared towards playing soccer on turf or indoors.

This information will focus on gear for playing soccer outdoors.

The Playing Surface

When you play soccer outdoors it is important to have the proper footwear for all field types. Whether you play on short grass, long grass, or even some fields that are missing grass in some places. The standard soccer boot that is useful on most surfaces is the molded boot.

This soccer boot type comes with a multi-stud, pre-molded sole of round or blade shaped studs. These will provide the best performance on a number of different surfaces if you can only get one pair of boots.

The larger number of studs spreads the impact of harder surfaces over a greater area of your foot. This will spread the pressure around and lessen the possibility of pain in your foot.

Molded Shoe Problem

The problem with wearing a molded pair of cleats on messy fields is that the larger number of studs will fill up with grass. This could leave you sliding around the field and trying to clean out the muck rather than playing the game. It can also lead to injuries.

Long or Wet Grass

If you are playing soccer on longer grass fields or wet soggy fields you should wear removable stud soccer cleats. These have fewer studs and are easily replaced when they wear out. The norm is a 6-stud model.

This type will provide better grip on slick fields. The lower number of studs will allow you to dig in and get a good grip.

Make sure your studs are tightened firmly, but never force them. You could strip the screw holes by forcing them and ruin a great pair of cleats.

Caring For Your Soccer Boots

Follow these guidelines when caring for your gear and they will last longer for you.

  • Always undo the laces properly. Don’t just kick them off while still tied.
  • Clean them well by removing the dirt and clean them with a brush or wet cloth.
  • Always let them dry before polishing them.
  • Let them air dry naturally. If you apply heat they will crack.
  • Grease removable studs regularly to help prevent rust.
  • Fill them with newspaper to help them retain their shape.

Never Do This

No matter which pair that you choose, never play with broken studs, mixed studs, or over-tightened studs. It could be dangerous.

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